2019 Kapolei City Lights - Kalikimaka Hikimoe
November 30th, 2019 @ 5:00pm HST
On Sale Until: Saturday, November 30th 2019, 11:55 pm
2019 Kapolei City Lights - Kalikimaka Hikimoe

Kapolei Hale

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2019 Kapolei City Lights - FOOD VENDOR

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Retailers may place a White 10x10 tent in their stall. Weight will be needed.

Parking will be provided for (1) vehicle.

Electricity outlet will be provided. Please bring at least a 50 ft extension cord. Lights are recommended.

You may rent from us a 10x10 high peak tent with weights, a 8ft table and (2) chairs for $150.

Parade participant donation for the 2019 West Oahu Electric Light Parade on Saturday November 30, 2019.

Corporate $1000 Donation to Kapolei City Lights

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Corporate $2500 Donation to Kapolei City LIghts

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Corporate $5000 Donation to Kapolei City Lights

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2019 Kapolei City Lights - Kalikimaka Hikimoe

Kapolei Hale

More Info

EVENT: KAPOLEI CITY LIGHTS Opening Night Celebration

DATE: November 30, 2019


LOCATION: Vending to occur on Ulu'Ohi'a Street

Please read the appropriate requirements below for food and retail vendors respectively.

LOAD IN: You will receive an email by the 18th of November with a timeline and load in schedule for Saturday November 30, 2019. Please email kapoleicitylights@gmail.com should you have any questions.

Insurance: Please make sure The Kalaimoku Group, LLC and the City & County of Honolulu are listed as additionally insured on your company’s liability insurance. 

GE Tax: Please have it with you

Temporary Kitchen Permit: All tents vendors need to list event date on temporary food permit provided by health department.

SAFETY: Please have proper safety equipment including your proper paperwork, hand washing stations, and Fire Extinguishers (with tags or receipt)Everyone must have a 2A:10BC.  Any vendor using grease frying (pans and deep frying) MUST have Class K at minimum as well as a 2A:10BC. 

PROPANE TANK: Must be outside of the food truck and secured properly to prevent physical damage and must be 5 feet away from any exterior source of ignition. 

GASOLINE: Gasoline must be in self closing safety gasoline can. Safety Can must be separated from an open flame by a minimum distance of 10 feet. 

COOKING: Solid fuel, open flame, or deep frying cooking shall not take place under any tent or building overhang. 

EXTENSION CORDS: May not cross over the sidewalk. If you do have to cross over the sidewalk you must provide a cable cover or covering.

MUTUALLY AGREED: Vendor to provide permits and licenses for their operation. Pay applicable sales tax. Provide insurance, including worker’s compensation for all employees at its location as needed. Vendor shall defend, indemnify and hold the producer its officers, officials, employees and volunteers harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses or suits including attorney fees, arising out of or in connection with the performance of this agreement. Any violation of this agreement, the vendor’s booth can be closed by the producer. Absolutely – no sub-letting by the vendor. No refund or exchanges. No support vehicles will be allowed to return to the vending area once the event has started. No preference of vendor positioning given on standard booths. All available booths are on a first-come, first-served basis. Cancellations are subject to a $50 handling fee. No refunds. A 5% convenience fee will be assessed for all credit card transactions. Payment in full prior to setup is required.




  • Saturday, November 30, 2019, starts promptly at 6:00pm.
  • Open to City & County vehicles and Kapolei City Lights Event sponsors.
  • Politicians and government officials should seek approval to walk with the City Team, unless you are with a sponsor of Kapolei City Lights. Please contact the Event Coordinator Cedric Duarte at (808) 808-221-0991or via email at kapoleicitylights@gmail.com
  • Route travels along Kapolei Parkway.
  • Length of the route is approximately one (1) mile.
  • For safety reasons, vehicles and participants may be removed from the parade for non-compliance with rules and/or instructions from Parade Officials.
  • MANDATORY ALL PARADE PARTICIPANTS MEETING: Thursday 11/21/19 at 5:30pm at Kapolei Hale



  • Vehicle staging will be at Kapolei High School and on the Ewa Side of the Ft. Barrette Road behind the Kapolei High School stadium. Vehicles must head Mauka on Fort Barrette Road by coming up from Franklin Delanore Roosevelt Avenue and turning right onto Ft. Barrette Road behind Kapolei High School.
  • Check-in is between 3:00pm and 4:30pm. Any parade vehicles arriving after 4:30pm will be sent to the back of the line and may still participate at the discretion of Parade Officials. Contra flow of nearby streets begins at 4:00pm so you should expect traffic delays. Please plan accordingly.
  • Check-in table will be located Ft. Barrette Road on the Ewa Side of the Ft. Barrette Road behind the Kapolei High School stadium. Placards will be distributed to insure that only registered participants are allowed in the parade.
  • All participants must check in and register to receive their placard.
  • After check in, your parade entry will be directed to the staging area. Only parade vehicles are allowed in the staging area on Ft. Barrette Road. No personal vehicles.
  • Driver must remain with parade vehicle at all times in case it needs to be moved.
  • Please bring your own snacks and beverages if you think you will need them. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • Please dispose of trash properly.



  • Support vehicles and parade participants may park at the end of the parade in the former Kmart parking lot or lots in the surrounding area. Parking is at your own risk. Please note that there will be no shuttles between the end of the parade and the beginning of the parade at Ft. Barrette Road. You must make your own arrangements.


2018 Kapolei City Lights